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i have this table in UTF8 (collation is utf8_bin in case it matters).

I need to search in it for strings using LIKE '%$searchstring%' .

Right now you have to use the exact case in order for the results to show up. Is there a way to make it case insensitive ?

Thank you

UPDATE sorry, found the answer.

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WHERE LOWER(t.column) LIKE LOWER('%search_string%')


WHERE UPPER(t.column) LIKE UPPER('%search_string%')


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according to…, comparison with 'lower' or 'upper' can be incorrect for some languages – akavel Nov 10 '09 at 11:10
What about ... (etc COLLATE utf8_<lang>_ci) LIKE '%searchstring%'? By the way, if you want "Çilek" to show up in results when the user searches for "cilek", you can use utf8_unicode_ci, that is, both case insensitive and collation insensitive search. – Halil Özgür Jun 17 '11 at 8:42

Your collation specifies the case-sensitivity. Use this instead:


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