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In the standard example of the lme() function in the nlme package of R:

fm2 <- lme(distance ~ age + Sex, data = Orthodont, random = ~ 1)

there appears a correlation table:

          (Intr) age   
age       -0.813       
SexFemale -0.372  0.000

which can be huge if there are many factor combinations involved.

Is there any way to suppress the output in the summary command? I know that I can use

   print(fm2, cor=F) 

but this does not show me the rest of the usual output for example no p-value calculation.

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Looking at nlme:::print.summary.lme I don't see a way to suppress the correlation matrix printing (although you could create a hacked version of that function removing the if clause beginning if (nrow(x$tTable)>1) ...)

Perhaps it would be useful to you to be able to print just the summary of the fixed-effect parameters ... ?

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Thank you, that helps already (a bit). Sorry for the late upvote, I got distracted. –  Jens Jun 23 '13 at 17:52
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Or, more concisely, summary(fm2)$tTable

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