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In the code below when I click on the circle its meant to update the text property of txt using txt.Text = "gffdfgdsgsdgsdg"; But it wont work? Do you know how todo this?

function init() {

    var canvas = document.getElementById('easel');
    var stage = new createjs.Stage(canvas);

    var circle = new createjs.Shape();"rgba(255,255,255,1)").drawCircle(40, 40, 40);

    var shape = new createjs.Shape();'red').ss(10, 'round', 'round').mt(50, 50).lt(250, 250).lt(50, 250).cp();

    var shape2 = new createjs.Shape();'blue').ss(20, 'round', 'round').mt(200, 50).lt(250, 250).lt(50, 250).cp();

    var txt = new createjs.Text("Hello CreateJS!", "15px Arial", "#FFF");
    txt.y = 45;

    shape.onClick = function (event) {
        this.x -= 1;
    shape2.onClick = function (event) {
        this.x += 3;

    circle.onClick = function (event) {


        var s = this.x + ' y:' + this.y;

        //txt.Text = "dfsdfs";

        txt.Text = "gffdfgdsgsdgsdg";



    //Update stage will render next frame
    createjs.Ticker.addEventListener("tick", handleTick);

    function handleTick() {


        circle.x += 2;


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You need to update the stage after update the "text" property (Maybe your ticker doesn't work for some reason):

circle.onClick = function (event) {

    txt.text = "gffdfgdsgsdgsdg";



PD: Note that the "text" property is lowercase.

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The solution was to use the lower case text property;

txt.text = "update text";

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