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I would like to redirect the ouput from an .exe file to a txt-file.

This is what I enter:

app.exe -options -moreoptions > "C:\logs\log.txt"

Afterwards, the given log file will be created but not written...at first. If I terminate app.exe after minutes or hours the log file will be filled with all the output from the process since the beginng - However, only if I terminate the process. The app.exe is a process which listens to a port and takes incoming messages and forwards it to another process. This means, it needs to run all the time and I can't terminate it just to see the logs. Also, I need the logs in real time written to the file...

Because the logs are written the exe seems the write everything into STDOUT. I redirected every output channel from 2 (error) to 9 (customs) to STDOUT for testing with the same result.

Does Windows only redirect output when the command (here: the exe) finished? Is there some way to write the output to a file even if the command is still running?

I guess, the output is buffered and therefore not written to the file, till the buffer is full or the command exits. Is there a way to disable the buffer? (I don't have access to the source code!)

Thank you in advance!

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I tried this with ping -t and it did write the output to the file continously. I'm on Windows 7 enterprise. – ellak May 13 '13 at 9:58
Thx for your response - I am on Windows Server 2008 R2 and tried the same as you suggested and the log file filled continously with entries...Maybe ping -t starts everytime a new thread when it actually pings?! – los_shadows May 13 '13 at 10:49

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