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I want to build a system where you can call people from within a mobile app. Users sign up for an account and people are listed that they can call.

User1 - creates a user account, can call anyone in pool1 pool1 - Is listed in the app, can call any user and recieve calls from any user.

This is not Skype as users may not know people in the pool. It must be able to run on all mobile platforms (Android, Iphone, windows). os

Is there a Voip system that you could buy that does this?

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Check this Video Chat iOS. Hope it helps you.


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Great and thanks. Looks good but it has two cons. 1. Its only 1 to 1 phone calls. 2. Its only availible on iOS? The Quickblox page is down right now so it is hard getting info. –  user2377261 May 13 '13 at 11:30
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