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I'm running hadoop and have 2 identically configured servers in the cluster. They're running the same task, same configuration, same everything, and both are totally dedicated as hadoop task nodes (workers).

The job I'm running through this cluster is highly IO bound.

On one server I see 60-100MB/sec of IO and a CPU load of 5-10, on the other server I see 40-60MB/sec of IO and a CPU load of 60-90 (and the box is almost unusable in terms of even running a simple shell).

I've run smartctl and don't get any disk warnings.

enter image description here

Any suggestsions on what I might do next to identify the root difference between these boxes? These results have been consistent over many hours of processing.

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take a look at the output of iostat, it will help you figure out if this is caused by a particular disk.. –  n3rV3 May 13 '13 at 12:35

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It smells of partition misalignment on 4096-byte physical / 512-byte logical disk sectors.

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