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In rails >4.0.0 generators creates CRUD with before_action not before_filter. It seems to do the same thing. So what the difference?

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As we can see in ActionController::Base, before_action is just a new syntax for before_filter and old syntax isn't even deprecated.

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On the one hand deprecating has sense but on the other there is a good practice in rails and in ruby to have several aliases for one method so you can use it in different contexts without loss of meaning. – freemanoid May 13 '13 at 11:04
In 4.2 They are not deprecating it, but removing it from the docs since it is discouraged.… – jryancanty Dec 3 '14 at 23:18
If it's discouraged, then why wouldn't you deprecate it? Silly. – Grant Birchmeier Jan 16 at 21:20
@JohnWhitley - deprecation doesn't break the API. That's the whole point of deprecation. – Grant Birchmeier Apr 29 at 14:26
@JohnWhitley - The spamming is for a reason. Any well-disciplined project should address deprecation warnings by not using deprecated functions. – Grant Birchmeier May 1 at 13:55

It is just a name change. before_action is more specific, because it gets executed before an action.

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It is just syntax difference, in rails app there is CRUD, and seven actions basically by name index, new, create, show, update, edit, destroy.

Rails 4 make it developer friendly to change syntax before filter to before action.

before_action call method before the actions which we declare, like

before_action :set_event, only: [:show, :update, :destroy, :edit]

set_event is a method which will call always before show, update, edit and destroy.

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