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I was running the "Generating vectors from documents" sample from the book "Mahout in Action" from Cygwin on Windows. Hadoop is started only on the local machine.

Below is my running command:

$ bin/mahout seq2sparse -i reuters-seqfiles/ -o reuters-vectors -ow

But it shows below, anyone knows what causes this problem? Thanks in advance!

Running on hadoop, using HADOOP_HOME=my_hadoop_path
13/05/13 18:38:03 WARN driver.MahoutDriver: No seq2sparse.props found on classpath, will use command-line arguments only
13/05/13 18:38:03 INFO vectorizer.SparseVectorsFromSequenceFiles: Maximum n-gram size is: 1
13/05/13 18:38:03 INFO common.HadoopUtil: Deleting reuters-vectors
13/05/13 18:38:04 INFO vectorizer.SparseVectorsFromSequenceFiles: Minimum LLR value: 1.0
13/05/13 18:38:04 INFO vectorizer.SparseVectorsFromSequenceFiles: Number of reduce tasks: 1
13/05/13 18:38:04 INFO input.FileInputFormat: Total input paths to process : 2
13/05/13 18:38:04 INFO mapred.JobClient: Running job: job_201305131836_0001
13/05/13 18:38:05 INFO mapred.JobClient:  map 0% reduce 0%
13/05/13 18:38:15 INFO mapred.JobClient: Task Id : attempt_201305131836_0001_m_000003_0, Status : FAILED Task process exit with nonzero status of 1.

13/05/13 18:38:15 WARN mapred.JobClient: Error reading task outputhttp://namenode_address:50060/tasklog?plaintext=true&taskid=attempt_201305131836_0001_m_000003_0&filter=stdout
13/05/13 18:38:15 WARN mapred.JobClient: Error reading task outputhttp://namenode_address:50060/tasklog?plaintext=true&taskid=attempt_201305131836_0001_m_000003_0&filter=stderr
13/05/13 18:38:21 INFO mapred.JobClient: Task Id : attempt_201305131836_0001_m_000003_1, Status : FAILED Task process exit with nonzero status of 1.

Below is the running log of tasktracker:

 INFO org.apache.hadoop.mapred.ProcfsBasedProcessTree: ProcfsBasedProcessTree currently is supported only on Linux.
 INFO org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskTracker: ProcessTree implementation is missing on this system. TaskMemoryManager is disabled.
 INFO org.apache.hadoop.mapred.IndexCache: IndexCache created with max memory = 10485760
 INFO org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskTracker: LaunchTaskAction (registerTask): attempt_201305141049_0001_m_000002_0 task's state:UNASSIGNED
 INFO org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskTracker: Trying to launch : attempt_201305141049_0001_m_000002_0
 INFO org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskTracker: In TaskLauncher, current free slots : 2 and trying to launch attempt_201305141049_0001_m_000002_0
INFO org.apache.hadoop.mapred.JvmManager: In JvmRunner constructed JVM ID: jvm_201305141049_0001_m_1036671648
INFO org.apache.hadoop.mapred.JvmManager: JVM Runner jvm_201305141049_0001_m_1036671648 spawned.
 INFO org.apache.hadoop.mapred.JvmManager: JVM : jvm_201305141049_0001_m_1036671648 exited. Number of tasks it ran: 0
 WARN org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskRunner: attempt_201305141049_0001_m_000002_0 Child Error Task process exit with nonzero status of 1.
 INFO org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskRunner: attempt_201305141049_0001_m_000002_0 done; removing files.
 INFO org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskTracker: addFreeSlot : current free slots : 2
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By looking at the whatever log you have posted, it seems you haven't set the HADOOP_HOME=my_hadoop_path and HADOOP_CONF_DIR=my_hadoop_conf_path. You need to put those directory paths for e.g. HADOOP_HOME=/usr/lib/hadoop and HADOOP_CONF_DIR=/usr/lib/hadoop/conf.

If this is not the case, try with bin/mahout only and check if seq2sparse is present somewhere in the list. This line clearly states that it's not found: driver.MahoutDriver: No seq2sparse.props found on classpath, will use command-line arguments only.

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This is not the root couse. I have set both HADOOP_HOME and HADOOP_CONF_DIR. – behe May 14 '13 at 4:44
Can you do a bin/mahout, edit your question with the output? – SSaikia_JtheRocker May 14 '13 at 9:54
Thanks. I have solved the problem by simply re-installing and configuring Hadoop and mahout. Now it works all right. Thank you anyway. :-) – behe May 15 '13 at 6:02
Glad to know that it's solved. – SSaikia_JtheRocker May 15 '13 at 11:46

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