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This is my first time compiling a C application. I'm using gcc on a Ubuntu box. Tutorials say to use syntax:

gcc main.c -o HelloWorld

but my program doesn't have a "main.c".

Can anyone suggest a command line for the application based on the directory listing below?

docs  lib  License  major.awk  Makefile  README  release.awk  src  WARNING

ChangeLog.txt  Contributors.txt  DataTypes.txt  Makefile  New_help_needed.txt  Porting.txt  Readme.txt  undoc_file_struct.txt  undocumented_df1.txt  WARNING.txt

attach.c        disableforces.c  echo.c          floatstuff.c  Makefile      protected_read_2.c   protected_write_3.c  resetmemory.c  typedwrite.c     wordblockwrite.c
closefile.c     downloaddone.c   enableforces.c  getedit.c     nameconv5.c   protected_read_3.c   protected_write_4.c  senddf1.c      uploaddone.c
creatememory.c  downloadreq.c    fileread.c      getstatus.c   openfile.c    protected_read_4.c   readbytesphysical.c  setpriv.c      uploadreq.c
defs.c          dropedit.c       filewrite.c     libabplc5.h   plcmodereq.c  protected_write_2.c  readsectionsize.c    typedread.c    wordblockread.c

absetmode.c  abstat.c  abtypedread.c  abtypedwrite.c  abupload.c  abwordread.c  abwordwrite.c  Makefile  Makefile.old  name.c  section.c  slcread.c  slcwrite.c  stress.c

Many thanks.

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Since you have a Makefile in your top-level directory, just build it with

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Thanks, Frank. The command worked. The compile had a load of errors. Time to study ... –  Transistor May 13 '13 at 20:02

my program doesn't have a "main.c".

There is no rule that the main() function should be in a file named main.c.

Can anyone suggest a command line for the application based on the directory listing below?

Since your application uses a Makefile , you must use a make utility. The Make utility will automatically invoke the compiler to build the application.

Generally just go to the topmost directory,of your application and simply open a terminal in that directory and run make.


If there are no errors, your application will be built successfully. There are more make commands that can be used like make all and make clean, just have a look inside the application's Makefile to know what other make options are supported.

If you are new to Makefiles , i suggest this tutorial.

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Thanks, Barath, for the additional detail. –  Transistor May 13 '13 at 20:02

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