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I have a question about operators, let's say that I have a class myclass and that i have overloaded its operator *=, [], and +

Can I access them inside the member functions with this->*=, this->[], *this + * this... ?

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this is just a pointer. You can do all of the following with any pointer.

This is the preferred way as it does not loose operational syntax:

(*this)(foo, bar)
*this / 3
*this * (that - 3) + 5

Its just dereferencing the pointer.

You can also use their names:

this->operator() (foo, bar)
this->operator/ (3)
this->operator*(that - 3) + 5
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there's a special synthax for pointers, it looks like that:



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That's not a special syntax for pointers. –  phresnel May 13 '13 at 11:25

If you are not using external operators, it should works like that : this->operator[](args)

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Yes, you can access them in multiple ways. You could, for example, do this:

*this + something

Or alternatively:

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