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i am creating a portal using large number of images. For smoothness i add lazy loading plugin to this portal

This is the plugin http://www.appelsiini.net/projects/lazyload

I used this code for initializing the plugin:

$(function () {
        effect: "fadeIn"

Image url is like this:

<a href="#"><img src="/public/images/dflt_03.jpg" data-original="<?php echo $this->magImg;?><?php echo $top['img_path'];?>" width="180" height="230" alt="cover" class="lazy"></a>

This worked perfectly. But my problem is that after loading the page there is no image for displaying. after mouse scroll takes place this will show images. i want to show some images before it will be scrolled. I don't know that this is a stupid question. I searched this topic in net but can't get anything

if anyone know about this pleaese help me

Thanks in advance

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There is no markup provided of your html page, but since the concept of lazy loading is that images get loaded only when needed, that is when they appear in the viewport, probably triggering a scroll or resize event on window or body should work. Try any of these after page load (or, better, when lazy loading complete callback gets called):

$("html, body").trigger("scroll");
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