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What is the difference between using a private flow using flow-ref to refernce another flow or using vm endpoints in request-response style?

They both get their own processing, threading and exception strategy? Is there a benefit or rule when to use one over the other?

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The main differences are:

  • Property propagation must be dealt with when using a VM endpoint: you have to take care of copying properties from inbound to outbound scopes if you want them to be available on the other side of the VM endpoint.
  • The thread pool of the VM connector is used for a VM endpoint while it's either a global one used with the flow default processing strategy or a custom defined one.
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However if the the private flow was to throw an exception and was configured with a rollback exception strategy would the private flow reprocess the message ? (A VM endpoint participating in a transaction would), could this be a consideration point when trying to choose VM or Private flow ? –  Sudarshan May 9 at 2:28

From Mule In Action 2nd ed: Before Mule3, a lot of VM endpoints were used to tie services together. But since Mule 3, another option for sharing flows is available called private flows.

Private flows are another type of reusable flows, much similar to sub-flows but with a very different behavior in term of threading and exception handling. The primary reason for using a private flow instead of a sub-flow is to define in it a different exception strategy than from the calling flow (something that is impossible with a sub-flow).

When a sub-flow is invoked the execution behaves as if the message processors of the sub-flow were actually located in the calling flow. With a private flow, the execution behaves as if a message was passed from the calling flow to the private flow. This decoupling allows defining processing and error handling strategies that are local to the private flow.

I think private-flow is new approach to handle request-response without using vm end-point and provides re-usability of sub-flow with add-on of exception-handling and processing-strategy

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