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To be specific(MathJax is not what I am looking for)I have a web-page with some MathML in it.The "FireFox" browser parses it fine but when I try to add the same code through javascript,it doesn't parse it.How can I notify the browser to parse the content of the web page again?Even if it is in some other language than javascript Here is the javascript code:

    var b=document.createElement("math");
    var msup=document.createElement("msup");
    var c=document.createElement("mi");
    var p=document.createElement("mn");

Here is the HTML that it generates

    <math xmlns="">
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You need to use document.createElementNS() rather than document.createElement() in order to create the element in the proper namespace. Setting the xmlns attribute after the fact doesn't actually do it. So here is an example that works for me

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Test adding MathML</title>
var MML = "";
var b=document.createElementNS(MML,"math");
var msup=document.createElementNS(MML,"msup");
var c=document.createElementNS(MML,"mi");
var p=document.createElementNS(MML,"mn");

I've also switched your use of innerHTML to use document.createTextNode() for consistency with the way you are creating the other nodes.

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+1, that's a more interesting answer than mine. – Denys Séguret May 15 '13 at 15:42

I was able to force the rebuilding by setting the innerHTML of a div element :

myDiv.innerHTML = b.outerHTML;

Demonstration (click "Run on JS")

Of course it works only on some browsers.

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