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I'm writing an API/Webservice module for magento.

I have a freight webservice, that returns me all available carriers and shipping methods based on the products I send as params.

I send


It returns



I want to populate that in the available carriers/methods in frontend, so the user can choose the shipping method, but magento (at least i guess), only provides a way to create ONE carrier, with multiple shipping methods, while i need to create MULTIPLE carriers with multiple shipping methods

Of course i could create many carriers in the module and populate them according to what i get from the webservice, but that way i would need to upgrade the module every time a new carrier is added to my webservice system, and also my clients, what will happen very often.

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I don't understand. Why can't you generate the carriers within the Magento extension, which are retrieved from your web service? This should be achievable. –  Axel May 13 '13 at 14:49
It should, but i dont think it is. At least not using the proposed model. The default carriers function makes you create a model for each carrier, and set it to the config options, so they're configurable in system config (i dont need any config btw). I think ill have to override the default Mage_Shipping_Model_Shipping collectCarrierRates action so i can create the carriers at runtime and do not use the config it depends, but that's a guess. It would be very nice to get some advice, since its my first week working with magento. –  Fábio Silva May 13 '13 at 15:06

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Problem solved.

What i did:

Overrode the Shipping and Quote Adress Rate models extending the originals, so i dont need any config for the carriers and vendors that i will get from webservice, but kept the old parent code calling its parent function. Added my custom logic after that.

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