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I have duplicated rows in my Lucene's index and I whant to retreive only distinct datas with the search.

  • I think that I can't build the index without the duplicated datas because they are not stored in the same CouchDB table (JSON document). But maybe I am missing something, and it's possible to test whether one element is already indexed or not before returning it from the index function.

  • If not, is it possible to retreive only distinct values from an index which contains duplicated datas?

Regards, Mickaël

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CouchDB-Lucene does not currently support "DISTINCT" or deduplication.

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So, I guess that my only option is to implement the distinct client side and hope that I have less ducplicated data than the limit parameter of my query. Thanks for all of your answers! – Mickael Zehren May 15 '13 at 11:20

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