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I'm having a problem with ZK binding and drag and drop feature. I have two listboxes:

<listbox id="left" width="100%" model="@load(vm.contacts)" height="200px" draggable="true" droppable="true" onDrop="@command('move')">                      
        <listheader label="Contatto" align="center"  />
    <template name="model" var="contact">
        <listitem value="@bind(contact)" draggable="true" droppable="true" onDrop="@command('move')"> 
           <listcell src="/img/contact-icon_x32.jpg" label="@load(contact.person.surname.concat(' ').concat(" />
<listbox width="100%" id="right" model="@load(vm.contactsQuickKey)" height="250px" draggable="true" droppable="true" onDrop="@command('move')" >
         <listheader label="Etichetta" align="center"  />
         <listheader label="Contatto" align="center"  />
    <template name="model" var="contactQuickKey">
         <listitem value="@bind(contactQuickKey)" draggable="true" droppable="true" onDrop="@command('move')">
                 <textbox width="90%" value="@load(contactQuickKey.label) @save(contactQuickKey.label, before={'move', 'saveData', 'setLeftActivePage'})"/>
             <listcell src="/img/contact-icon_x32.jpg" label="@load(' ').concat(" />

If I edit the textbox in the right listbox and then immediately, without clicking anywhere, I drag and drop a cell from the left one, the text I added disappears. The only way I can save the text is to use an onchange event, but it is very heavy.

EDIT: I created a working demo here

Does anyone can give me a better solution?

Thank you very much!


I added the "instant="true"" to the textbox and this solved my problem!

Thanks to all of you how helped me!

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The solution is to put the instant="true" to the textbox. This solved the problem of losing text modification with a drag and drop.

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Your problem is, that your text ist not loaded into the serverside Textbox.
You save before drop by before={'move'... but you can't load it into
the Textbox, cos this needs a notifyChange, which is fullfilled before
@command('move') is executed and this is not possible, cos of the zk
execution cycle and the fact that move causes the save

What you could do is, chage the Textbox manually from the data in your
vm class at the move command. But it could maybe a problem to figure out
to which instance of contactQuickKey the dragged Textbox belongs.

By the way, where is the problem with onChanging? The traffic shouldn't be one.


For some reason the data is not saved before the move command, if
not another user action occurs before the drag.
Maybe a bug?

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The onchanging is very slow and if I delete with the backspace key a lot of text and then try to write other text, I don't know why but the textbox loses focus. Probably the fact that the text is not saved before the move command could be a bug, but I don't find anyone else having this problem, so I'm still wondering if it is something wrong in my code. – Stefania Lori May 14 '13 at 7:30
The problem with the focus you could maybe solve by checking the case of empty string and if it is so call ((Textbox)event.getTarget).focus() – Nabil A. May 14 '13 at 9:45
The same if the string is not completely empty: the textbox loses focus. This behavior happens also if I stop to write text for a second. – Stefania Lori May 14 '13 at 12:53

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