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I show the list of spams from mysql in a listview, after delete I use show grid but it doesn't refresh, why ?

do http://reboltutorial.com/source/mysql-protocol.r
do http://www.hmkdesign.dk/rebol/list-view/list-view.r

window: layout [
  grid: list-view 500x400 with [
    data-columns: ["ID" "Author" "comment_author_IP"]
    viewed-columns: ["ID" "Author" "comment_author_IP"]
    data: read/custom mysql://johndoe:123@ [
      "SELECT DISTINCT COMMENT_ID, comment_author,comment_author_IP from wp_1_comments WHERE comment_approved='spam'"
  Button 200x30 "Delete all spams" [
      read/custom mysql://johndoe:123@ [
      "DELETE FROM wp_1_comments WHERE comment_approved='spam'"
    Print "Spams deleted."
    show grid ;SHOULD refresh the grid BUT DOESN'T
view/title window "All Rebol Tutorial's Spams"
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I tried but doesn't seem to refresh either, maybe there's a bug ? –  Rebol Tutorial Nov 1 '09 at 19:59

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