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I'm trying to query my PostGis database thanks to geoDjango but I have an error where I found no solution on the internet.

    close_loc=PlanetOsmPoint.objects.get(way__distance_lte=(lePoint, D(**distance_from_point)))

Whatever I try on the result (close_loc) with a print, I have this error :

django.db.utils.DatabaseError: Only lon/lat coordinate systems are supported in geography.

I tried to convert it to a correct format thanks to transform(SRID) but nothing was solved, still the same problem.

Here's some informations :

Transformation :

ct=CoordTransform(sr1, sr2)

What I'm doing after getting the close_loc :

print close_loc[0]

close_loc type is GeoQuerySet. How can I exploit this result ?

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The transform() function expects an integer, not a string. The correct syntax is:

close_loc.transform( new_srid_number )

In your case, something like this:


Hope it'll work !

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