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I have a simple WebViewClient class that should return all the <p> elements of the page I am currently on (in a webview)

Here is the code

public class SearchClient extends WebViewClient {

class MyJavaScriptInterface {
    public void processHTML(String[] html) {
    Log.w("Length", String.valueOf(html.length));
        for(String s : html)

            Log.w("Row", s.toString());


public SearchClient(WebView wv)
    wv.addJavascriptInterface(new MyJavaScriptInterface(), "HTMLOUT");

public void onPageFinished(WebView view, String url) {



document.getElementsByTagName clearly is returning the elements because "Log.w" line in the processHTML function has over 100 strings ... but the for loop crashes. Why is this??

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I found out that getElementsByTagName actually returns a NodeList ... I changed the String[] parameter with NodeList but still come up with java.lang.NullPointerException – Steve Jpbs May 13 '13 at 15:28

NodeList is a JavaScript class, but only a Java interface. In JavaScript you should create a method that converts the list to and array of Strings then you can pass it into your JavaScriptInterface method.

From this SO question a solution could be:

function toArray(obj) {
  var array = [];
  // iterate backwards ensuring that length is an UInt32
  for (var i = obj.length >>> 0; i--;) { 
  array[i] = obj[i];
  return array;

It is also possible this would work (from question in link above), but have not tested myself:


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Ok thanks for the help but I actually went back to a String[] as a parameter to processHTML ... the reason is because the length shows that there are 100 strings being returned ... but when I try to access them in the for loop I get a nullpointer ... don't understand that if there are 100 strings present. Should I actually use NodeList and do what Jon said ... if so how do I put his code in my view.loadUrl function?? since I already have it calling getElementsByTagName. – Steve Jpbs May 13 '13 at 16:21
Tried this.... view.loadUrl("javascript:window.HTMLOUT.processHTML(function toArray(document.getElementsByTagName('p')) { var array = []; for (var i = obj.length >>> 0; i--;) { array[i] = obj[i]; } return array;};"); doesn't crash but I don't get the call to processHTML – Steve Jpbs May 13 '13 at 16:47
Maybe it is because you are passing in the function called toArray() into the processHTML() function? JavaScript knows that you have a function named processHTML() but it only takes a String[] as a parameter. I think JavaScript will just silently fail if it does not find the method it thinks you want, thus not throw any error. Try creating the toArray() function in your JavaScript, not just loading it up here, and then calling this on the WebView : view.loadUrl("javascript:window.HTMLOUT.processHTML(function toArray(document.getElementsByTagName('p') ) ) "); – Jon May 13 '13 at 17:47
Also, you cannot use NodeLists in Java, even if it is in a JavaScriptInterface. You have to convert it to a String[] for your JavaScriptInterfaceto be able to use it. – Jon May 13 '13 at 17:49
well there is the problem ... the page I'm loading doesn't have any javascript in it ... I'm trying to create a basic news reader app ... once I load the page I want to get all the <p> elements this is where the data I need resides. Its not my page so I can't add the javascript ... I need to inject it after the page loads. I came up with this but again nothing but silence ... – Steve Jpbs May 13 '13 at 19:19

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