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I am using jQuery YouTube TubePlayer Plugin to play video from youtube.

I am able to play the YouTube video. But the plugin generates an iframe seperatly and plays the video inside it. But I need the video to be play inside my div. My HTML code looks something like this

<div class="youtube-player-container" id="youtube-player-container">
<div id="playvideo">
   <a onclick="playVideo('923ATOKI234','abc');">
      <img alt="Story No01" src="/images/Story1.jpg" />

When user click on the thumbnail image an iframe is generated below and video is played. Is it possible to play the video within playvideo div itself. Thanks in advance.

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Is their any other way to play the YouTube video with video id inside a div. – aaviss May 13 '13 at 17:49
YouTube videos play within an iframe. When you say "generated below", do you mean that the iframe is generated within <div id="playvideo"> which should be the case, or outside of both <div>s? Do show us the code of function playVideo() and any other relevant, DOM related javascript statements. – Sun Wang Jun May 14 '13 at 11:37

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