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I've reviewed the other posts on this error, and I don't think I'm making any of those mistakes.

Not in scope: data constructor 'Extraction'.


module Configuration
 , columns
 , headers
 , types
 , totals
 , extractions,
 , xState
 , xDivisions
 , xOffice
 ...) where


data Extraction = Extraction { xState     :: String
                             , xDivisions :: Maybe [String]
                             , xOffice    :: Maybe String } deriving Show

data Config = Config { columns     ::  String
                     , headers     :: [String]
                     , types       :: [String]
                     , totals      :: [String]
                     , extractions :: [Extraction] } deriving Show



module PIF (...) where

import Configuration


data Report = Report { division  :: String
                     , state     :: String
                     , office    :: String
                     , inSection :: Bool
                     , content   :: [String] } deriving Show


extract :: Config -> [Report] -> [Report]
extract c = filter f
  where f Report { division=d, state=s, office=o, inSection=_, content=_ } =
          map or $ map isMatch $ extractions c
          where isMatch
                  | Extraction { xState=xS, xDivisions=Just xD, xOffice=Nothing } = s==xS && (map or $ map (==d) xD)
                  | Extraction { xState=xS, xDivisions=Nothing, xOffice=Just xO } = s==xS && o==xO

Let me know if you need more information. Thanks.

Here is my corrected extract:

extract c = filter f
  where f Report { division=d, state=s, office=o, inSection=_, content=_ } =
          or $ map isMatch $ extractions c
          where isMatch x =
                  case ((xDivisions x), (xOffice x)) of (Nothing, Just y) -> s==(xState x) && o==y
                                                        (Just y, Nothing) -> s==(xState x) && (or $ map (==d) y)
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This error also covered the fact that I was using pattern syntax in an expression context. I changed the Extraction {xState=xS...} to a case statement. I also removed the incorrect maps over or. or reduces a list, it doesn't map over it. – Jeff Maner May 13 '13 at 19:44
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Change the export line Extraction to Extraction(..).

Without that, you're exporting the type but not the data constructor. Since your type and constructor share the same name, this is less than obvious in this case.

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Holy cow! Thank you so much! I never would have figured that out on my own. :) – Jeff Maner May 13 '13 at 17:53

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