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I want to change the text of the popup on a box plot.

From the api and the example linked there, I assumed it would be a case of adding a formatter function to the series. So I went to the demo and clicked 'Edit in jsFiddle'. I then changed:

tooltip: {
    headerFormat: '<em>Experiment No {point.key}</em><br/>'


tooltip: {
    headerFormat: '<em>Experiment No {point.key}</em><br/>',
    formatter: function() { return 'some random string'; }

I expected the tooltip to change to 'some random string' (as happens in the demo linked from the tooltip api reference), but it was unchanged. Any hints?

[EDIT] Thanks, that is perfect.

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The formatter should be added to the tooltip property of the main options object.

Demo here: http://jsfiddle.net/kxbXx/

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Take a look the refference.

"A configuration object for the tooltip rendering of each single series. Properties are inherited from tooltip, but only the following properties can be defined on a series level."


As you can see, there's no formatter there.

You're looking for this one, which have to be used in the main tooltip object.

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