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I built a Cocoapod which Crashlytics framework. I couldn't understand how to add the external framework (Crashlytics.framework) to the pod, so it will be imported on my project.

Is it possible?

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I think this is something that should be directed directly to crashlytics' support:support.crashlytics.com/knowledgebase While at it, tell them to stop forcing their app installation on every dev computer :) –  eladleb May 13 '13 at 16:21
Agreed on that @eladleb, but I used Crashlytics as an example - it could be any other framework. –  Roei May 13 '13 at 20:08

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If you can add the framework library to your Pod's source files, here's another way to do it. For Pod, 'MyPod', add the framework to a directory 'MyPodSubDirectory'. Then edit the podspec file as follows.

s.preserve_paths = 'MyPodSubDirectory/Crashlytics.framework'
s.xcconfig = { 'OTHER_LDFLAGS' => '-framework Crashlytics' }
s.vendored_frameworks = 'MyPodSubDirectory/Crashlytics.framework'
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you don't have to add linker flags if you have already added it as a vendored framework:) –  Daniel Galasko Nov 5 at 11:37

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