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I have a _pre_delete_hook that works ok for all of my deletes upon entity keys.

The problem is that when I manually delete an entity from the interactive Datastore Viewer the _pre_delete_hook does not run. I suppose that this applies to also any other hook.

Is that a normal behavior? And if yes why?

Btw the code for the hook:

def _pre_delete_hook(cls, key):
  info = PersonInfo.query(ancestor=key).get()
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Datastore viewer is a viewer of datastore. It knows nothing about your class methods and logic behind them. Therefore; it won't work with either ndb cache (need to clean the cache by hand) or model hook.

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Thanks. I see your point. I though it was aware of my models and methods in order to list them. – Jimmy Kane May 13 '13 at 17:06

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