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Is it possible to add version number to WAR file specific to weblogic server ? To provide build files to client, they want us to get version number in WAR file. Is it possible or is there any standard approach for this ?

PN : Also I'm using jDeveloper as an IDE.

Thanks in advance !

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It is appropriate to add version information to a JAR/WAR manifest file. See here for more information.

Specification-Title: Java Utility Classes
Specification-Version: 1.2
Specification-Vendor: Example Tech, Inc.
Implementation-Title: java.util
Implementation-Version: build57
Implementation-Vendor: Example Tech, Inc.
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Other WebLogic components add a revision to the jar (war) file name, e.g.: xxx_warfile_rev1.0.war. So a "_rev1.0" (or appropriate version) naming is at least consistent with other WebLogic functions. Assuming you're only trying to version the entire .war as a single release, that's probably sufficient.

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I managed to version the WAR file for weblogic through Manifest.mf file. If facing the same issue you can have a look at below mentioned URL -


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