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I hope someone can help me with this.

I have this method in ruby:

def puppetrun_oneClass!
   ProxyAPI::Puppet.new({:url => puppet_proxy.url}).runSingle fqdn

which I then call within this other method:

def update_multiple_puppetrun_oneClass_deploy
   if @hosts.map(&:puppetrun_oneClass!).uniq == [true]
      notice "Successfully executed, check reports and/or log files for more details"
      error "Some or all hosts execution failed, Please check log files for more information"

where @hosts is an array of hostnames.

Now, I would like to extend puppetrun_oneClass! to accept the @myDeploy parameter, where @myDeploy parameter is a variable containing a string.

How could I do that?? and how should I then call the modified method?


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You should just add it as an argument, however this means you need to declare a long-form block to your map loop.

New method:

def puppetrun_oneClass!(deploy)
  # ... Code using `deploy` variable

New call:

@hosts.map { |h| host.puppetrun_oneClass!(@myDeploy) }.uniq

Note that uniq is a pretty heavy handed approach here if you just want to see if any of them failed. You might want to try find which would stop at the first one that fails rather than blindly executing them all:

!@hosts.find { |h| !host.puppetrun_oneClass!(@myDeploy) }

This will ensure that none of them returned a false condition. If you want to run them all and look for errors, you might try:

 failures = @hosts.reject { |h| host.puppetrun_oneClass!(@myDeploy) }

 if (failures.empty?)
   # Worked
   # Had problems, failures contains list of failed `@hosts`

The first part returns an array of any @hosts entries that failed. It might be useful to capture this list and use it to produce a more robust error message, perhaps describing those that didn't work.

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Hi @tadman! yes! my code is working now! many thanks! –  MrTeleBird May 14 '13 at 6:55

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