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I have created iOS Library/Framework (static) of my project using LLVM GCC compiler with NON-ARC build. Now I want to use this Library in my newer projects with Apple LLVM Compiler with ARC compliance.

Should I worry about converting my Library project in Apple LLVM Compiler with ARC? What/Where will be the impact areas I should concern?

My primary analysis says that i am able to use my LLVM GCC Library in Apple LLVM Compiler. But not satisfied with result.

Please suggest your analysis and conclusions. Thanks


Note that class_copyPropertyList method's behavior is got changed with Apple LLVM Compiler. Prior in LLVM GCC Compiler this method returns all the List of variables in Reverse order declared in interface. But from Apple LLVM Compiler this method returns in same Sequence as declared in Interface.

IMPORTANT: Though this behavior is changed with Apple LLVM Compiler, this behavior is not affected in Library. But when I use to run the sample project including Library project (Not library but its project) then This method gives me WRONG result.

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To answer your question, you don't need to upgrade...yet. If you have the time I would go ahead and make your library ARC compliant.

Here's what could happen: Your code will not compile or your code could receive a bunch of warnings. You can put exceptions in your build settings to mark your library non ARC compliant. Which should cause any build/run time issues to go away.

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Hi Benny, thanks your feedback. But I found some odd behavior with Compiler change. Please see my Edited section. Can you please give any feedback on the same?? –  DShah May 14 '13 at 4:14
I'm not sure it's odd, but good that you are able to recognize the issue. Your issue is a great example that even if it compiles fine it may handle fundamental aspects differently when using different compilers. Since you know the issue it shouldn't be too hard to fix. –  Ben Coffman May 14 '13 at 14:31

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