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I have working code that refers to a csv (mapdata) to plot two sets of data on top of a US map. I am interested in building in a user input that allows a user running the script to select which columns of data they want to plot on the map, and update the geom_point() command accordingly.

I have been working with as.numeric and readline() to categorize the request for each set of data

# select the first variable to use:
selectFIRST <- function()  { 
  as.numeric(readline("Please enter a number to select the first: \n 1-Clinical_Trial\n 2- Comparative_Study\n 3-Evaluation_Studies\n 4-In_Vitro\n 5- JOURNAL_ARTICLE\n 6-Consensus_Development_Conference\n 7-Guideline\n 8-Research_Support_NonUSGovt\n 9-Total>>> ")) 
Input_First <- selectFIRST() 

# define the first variable based on numeric input
First <- "error"
if(Input_First == 1){
    First <- 'Clinical_Trial'
} else if(Input_First == 2){..... 

and so on, resulting in two variables (First and Second). I then define

all_states <- map_data("state")
g <- ggplot()  
g <- g + geom_polygon(data=all_states, aes(x=long, y=lat, group = group),
                      colour="grey", fill="white" )



mapPoints <- g + geom_point(data = mapdata,
                            aes(x=lon, y=lat, size = [FIRST or SECOND]), 
                        color = "#1100e7", bg = "#43c9e7", alpha = .75,
                            shape = 21) + scale_size(range=c(3,15))

What I would like to do is make the size variable within aes refer to the FIRST and SECOND variables designated outside the geom_point function. Is this possible given the geom_point() structure?

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You probably want to use aes_string. Also, for the earlier sections of your code, you probably want to investigate the functions menu and switch. – joran May 13 '13 at 16:48
thanks very much @joran. most helpful and quick reply – JMcEuen May 13 '13 at 20:31

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