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I have several Thread Groups in a test plan, that are exactly the same with the exception of the Number of Threads, which keeps incrementing from TG to TG. Whenever I have to change a single thing, it's a nightmare to have to go to each and every one of them to make the same change.

Is there a way to make one single Thread Group run several times with a different Number of Threads that is generated dynamically, and have each Sample inside it be on a single row of a Summary Report listener (for example)?


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Any feedback ? If answer is ok you should accept it so that it's helpful to otherd –  PMD UBIK-INGENIERIE May 14 '13 at 19:56

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Put all samplers inside a TransactionController or SimpleController in the first Thread Group then use a ModuleController in all other thread Groups referencing the first one.

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It works, but I wish I could just feed the Number of Threads from a csv file, user defined variables, or even some function - in order to avoid having to actually create all the Thread Groups and manually change their Numbers. But your solution is close enough, thanks! –  Pedro Mata-Mouros May 15 '13 at 8:54

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