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Does any of you know how to capture data from a keyboard based on the VID or PID for the keyboard?

well it's possible with raw input in C# but then i can't block the data, or well redirect it to my application.. and well i can block the data with a global keyboard hook but then i can't see what source it's comming from.. so is it possible to merge these two? or well is there anykind of plugin of some sort i can use? would be great if it was in .net!

I've been searching and trying to find something for days.. but no luck yet!

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yeah well.. that's just how to capture the keys isen't it? the problem is that i want to block the data.. so it wont hit any other application.. from a specific device! – Mathias May 13 '13 at 17:04
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Found this program to do the job:

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