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I'm attempting to change the opacity of the other menu items in a navigation menu when one the menu items is clicked. I've currently tried this which breaks my jQuery code:


Also on a side note - I've only done this for one menu item as an example, but is there a better way of coding this when I apply it to all of the 5 menu items.

Here's a jfiddle of how far I got: http://jsfiddle.net/9D33X/

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$(".cmNavItem a").on('click', function(e){
           .css('opacity', '0.3')


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Like this:



    $("#cmNav li").click(function(){
        $("#cmNav li").not(this).css("opacity",.3);  

    $("#cmNavContainer").animate({left: 0}, 1000);


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You could do one of this two options

1) Instead of:


You could use


2) Add class selector to your item menus


<li class="items">Item1</li>
<li class="items">Item2</li>
<li class="items">Item3</li>

and them

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