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So, I'm having two main code design problems in my app...

My app mainly consists in sending ssh commands to a remote host. Right now I have a separated thread (singleton) wich gets messages through the handler wich specifies wich is the next command to be sent, or the username/password/ip (kind of messy but works...).

This approach works good for unidirectional commands, but I'm planning to make it bidirectional wich I don't know how to implement. As far as I know android doesn't allow to change UI elements by another thread so a listener pattern wouldn't be it.

Also, I just read that we shouldn't save things in the application object, wich is also what I'm doing by saving whether my app is running full or lite mode... I don't know where should I save it in order to not make it obviously hackable (sqlite-SharedPrefs are easily editable...)

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Only a general hint: There is Activity.runOnUiThread() to execute code (later) on main thread.

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Thanks a lot! I solved the problem with my thread by passing an object containing a listener and a command, and then executing it with runOn UiThread, wich by the way I don't understand why is not a static method since every activity is run within the UI thread. Thanks! –  user2378673 May 18 '13 at 19:42

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