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I have looked at previous questions answered on this topic, however I cannot seem to find one that will work with my solution.

Im looking to create a facebook app that allows auto posts to the users wall. I currently have the following set up:

  • app authorised (and asking for the relevant permissions - publish_actions)
  • Action Type set up within app (called Share)

    FB.api('me/appname:share','post',{message: 'Test'},function(response) {});

When I call the above I receive the following response error "(#100) At least one reference object must be specified".

When I change the above to call "me/feed", the update is posted successfully:

FB.api('me/feed','post',{ message: 'TEST'}, function (response) {});

Any ideas what reference object I need to add to the action type?


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You might want to check this out –  Anvesh Saxena May 14 '13 at 9:05
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