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Anybody know how I might set up FlexSlider to always reveal a portion of the next slide? For example:

FlexSlider goal

It would do this always, not when hovered over, etc. Essentially, it entices the viewer to continue looking through the panels. Naturally, I'd set slideshow: false.

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I figured it out; it's not perfect, but it's a great start:

.flex-active-slide + li {
    left: -1%;
    position: relative;

This says, "Hey, target the next <li> that is an adjacent sibling of .flex-active-slide (which is the currently active/visible slide), and move it left by a small amount."

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Try changing the flexslider function attribute 'itemMargin' to 0

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Thanks Joe. I ended up figuring it out a while back (see the other answer for this question). You can see it in action here: advertising.paypal.com –  Marc Amos Mar 9 at 18:51

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