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I need to refresh a page after 10 minutes of inactivity.

What I mean by inactivity : no mouse move and/or no clicks on the body

Here's what I have so far (that piece of code is working fine)

idleTime = 0;

function timerIncrement() {
    idleTime = idleTime + 1;

    if (idleTime > 10) {

$j(document).ready( function(e) {
    var idleInterval = setInterval("timerIncrement()", 60000); // 1 min

    $j(this).mousemove(function () {
        idleTime = 0;

    $j(this).click(function () {
        idleTime = 0;

What I dont like here, is the fact that its reseting the timer on every single mousemove event. And Im worried about performance.

What I would like is something like : Check every 2 minutes if the mouse position changed. If yes increment timer. Not sure how to do that.

Any help?

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You can't get the coordinates without an event... so the code would look something similar. – Rok Burgar May 13 '13 at 18:45

You could add a flag variable (eg: hasMouseMoved, update it on the mousemove hander and then remove the event handler, then whenever the timer fires change the code to:

if ((idleTime > 10) || (idleTime%2==0 && hasMouseMoved))
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