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Is it possible to include multiple report parameters in a single line? if i have like 10 parameters, i don't want to create an "add" keyword 10 times ...

LocalReport.SetParameters("NewParameter1", "First one")

Having to repeat that would seem redundant

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Just store the parameters in an array ... For example:

Dim rpTitle = New ReportParameter("rpTitle", "Your title")
Dim rpDate = New ReportParameter("rpDate", Date.Now())
Dim HeaderParams As ReportParameter() = {rpTitle, rpDate}

Now you have an array which contains two report parameters ... (it can include much more).

Then you just need to loop through the HeaderParams array like so:

For Each param As ReportParameter In HeaderParams

That way you don't need to SetParameters more than once in your code... The loop will do it.

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