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I have a report that I have inherited. An end user is stating that when the SSRS report is exported to either pdf or excel that it is chopping what was a 4 to 5 page report into a 15 to 16 page report in pdf or excel format. (there are 5 tablixes on the page)

I am thoroughly confused, as I have never seen this before. I have been reviewing the properties of the report and of the tablixes but do not see anything out of place.

It looks as if the tablixes are only being allowed 1/3 to 1/4 of the page, I am guessing it is due to a setting.

I have tried report page properties for the size of the page and also, consume white space setting and neither have really helped.

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Could you be more specific about the properties you've fiddled with, or help us reproduce this issue? If all else fails, resort to binary search debugging to find the root cause. –  Jeroen May 13 '13 at 19:47

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Ok, after trying every setting in the book. Finally found that it had to do with the footer property being astronomically large, which you don't see in the rendered preview.

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