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What I would like to do in my batch file is delete ALL the contents of the containing directory AND the directory itself. Currently I am using the following command:

rmdir ..\dir /S /Q & exit

This works in that it deletes ALL of the contents in dir including the batch file but it fails to delete the directory, dir. Is there a way to do this while deleting the dir also? Essentially what I would like to do is create a batch script that would reside inside a ZIP file and deletes everything that gets created from unzipping the file. The above command still leaves behind an empty directory.

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What about the following?

cd ..
rmdir .\dir /S /Q & exit

You can't delete a directory which is occupied by a running process.

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Thanks! That did not even occur to me to just go up one level before doing it. – user972276 May 14 '13 at 20:40

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