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Is there any way to make an expression for something like ngClass to be a conditional. For example, I have tried the following:

<span ng-class="{test: 'obj.value1 == \'someothervalue\''}">test</span>

The issue with this code is that no matter what obj.value1 is, the class test is always applied to the element. Doing this:

<span ng-class="{test: obj.value2}">test</span>

As long as obj.value2 does not equal a truthy value, the class in not applied. Now I can work around the issue in the first example by doing this:

<span ng-class="{test: checkValue1()}">test</span>

where the checkValue1 function looks like this:

$scope.checkValue1 = function() {
  return $scope.obj.value === 'somevalue';

I am just wondering if this is how ngClass is supposed to work. I am also building a custom directive where I would like to do something similar to this. However I can't find a way to watch an expression (and maybe that is impossible and the reason why it works like this).

Here is a plnkr to show what I mean:


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Have a look at this answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/14788652/… –  CAT Dec 18 '13 at 16:58

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Your first attempt was almost right, It should work without the quotes.

{test: obj.value1 == 'someothervalue'}

Here is a plnkr.

The ngClass directive will work with any expression that evaluates truthy or falsey, a bit similar to Javascript expressions but with some differences, you can read about here. If your conditional is too complex, then you can use a function that returns truthy or falsey, as you did in your third attempt.

Just to complement: You can also use logical operators to form logical expressions like

ng-class="{test: obj.value1 == 'someothervalue' || obj.value2 == 'somethingelse'} 
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Thanks, for whatever reason, I though that because this was an expression as the value of the object, the entire thing had to be in quotes. –  ryanzec May 13 '13 at 19:51

angular syntax is to use the : operator to perform the equivalent of an if modifier

<div  ng-class="{ 'clearfix' : row%2==0 }">

add clearfix class to even rows. nonetheless expression could be anything we can have in normal if condition and it should evaluate to either true or false.

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Using ng-class inside ng-repeat

  <table>  <tbody>
            <tr ng-repeat="task in todos"
                ng-class="{warning: task.status == 'Hold' , success: task.status == 'Completed',
              active: task.status == 'Started', danger: task.status == 'Pending' } ">
                <td>{{$index + 1}}</td>


For each status in task.status a different class is used for the row.

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