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This is my first time trying to deploy a small application on heroku to apply for an summer internship.

I went through the getting started guide with rails.

Here is my log, its just too much code http://pastebin.com/QqaKVdH3

Is there something wrong with my rails app and not part of heroku?

Did I run out of dynos? I head into my apps, click on my app, and put in 2 dynos and 1 worker for my app.

I have this in my procfile, hopefully this is correct !

bundle exec unicorn -p $PORT -E $RACK_ENV 
bundle exec rake jobs:work

sorry to bother you guys, I know I need to familiarize myself with the heroku docs but if someone know the answer to this, I would love the help! I will just dig into the heroku docs when I got the time.

If you need more information please let me know.


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The error you should start with is this:

2013-05-13T19:35:12.367382+00:00 app[web.1]: E, [2013-05-13T19:35:12.367055 #137] ERROR -- : uninitialized constant SimpleForm (NameError)

After you get past that hurdle and any others, be sure to checkout the Dev Center guide on Unicorn:

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