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I am trying to implement job queue with MSMQ to save up some time on me implementing it in SQL. After reading around I realized MSMQ might not offer what I am after. Could you please advice me if my plan is realistic using MSMQ or recommend an alternative ?

I have number of processes picking up jobs from a queue (I might need to scale out in the future), once job is picked up processing follows, during this time job is locked to other processes by status, if needed job is chucked back (status changes again) to the queue for further processing, but physically the job still sits in the queue until completed.

MSMQ doesn't let me to keep the message in the queue while working on it, eg I can peek or read. Read takes message out of queue and peek doesn't allow changing the message (status).

Thank you

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Using MSMQ as a datastore is probably bad as it's not designed for storage at all. Unless the queues are transactional the messages may not even get written to disk.

Certainly updating queue items in-situ is not supported for the reasons you state.

If you don't want a full blown relational DB you could use an in-memory cache of some kind, like memcached, or a cheap object db like raven.

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