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I am wondering how to override styles of shell view being injected in Durandal inside div with id="applicationHost" ... I am trying to use common Bootstrap template (sticky footer with fixed navbar) and it works as standalone but as soon as I use it within shell.html the "wrapper" looses its auto height...

Here is my shell.html

    <div id="wrapper">
            <!-- ko compose: {view: 'nav'} -->
            <!-- /ko--> 

        <div id="content" class="container-fluid">
            <!--ko compose: { 
                model: router.activeItem, //wiring the router
                afterCompose: router.afterCompose, //wiring the router
                transition:'entrance', //use the 'entrance' transition when switching views
                cacheViews:true //telling composition to keep views in the dom, and reuse them (only a good idea with singleton view models)
        <div id="push"></div>
     <footer id="footer">
         <div class="container-fluid">
             <div class="row-fluid">
                 <div class="span6"><p class="muted">&copy; ABC Company Inc. 2013. All rights reserved.</p></div>
                 <div class="span6 "><p class="muted pull-right">v0.0.1-debug</p></div>     


the nav sub-view just has standard <nav id="mainnav" class="navbar navbar-fixed-top"> and the styles are the same as on Bootstrap example page...

When I examine styles via Firebug I can clearly see that wrapper div has lost its full height...Driving me nuts! :)

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I fixed this by adding the following style to my main html page after the styles necessary to get the sticky footer to work

/*durandal fixes*/
#applicationHost, #applicationHost > div
    height: 100%; 

The first selector takes care of the applicationHost div in the main html page and the second the one inserted by durandal (it has a class of durandal-wrapper, so you could make the selector more specific if you wanted). As you have an extra div in your shell.html file you may need the following:

/*durandal fixes*/
#applicationHost, #applicationHost > div, #applicationHost > div > div
    height: 100%; 
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I tried this and several other variations, but there are issues with vertical scrollbar across different browsers and when using responsive layouts it breaks. –  zam6ak May 28 '13 at 14:08

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