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I have the following table:

id | value | data | v
1  | val1  | dat1 | 1
2  | val1  | dat2 | 2
3  | val1  | dat3 | 3
4  | val2  | dat4 | 1

What I do is grab the data, each value, which has higher v. No what I mean .. sorry for my English

Sql output I would like:

id | value | data | v
3  | val1  | dat3 | 3
4  | val2  | dat4 | 1


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You need to identify the max value in a subquery and then join against the constant element


select * 
   (select max(v) MAXV, value from Table1 group by value) T 
         on T.MAXV = Table1.v and T.value=Table1.value
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works! thanks!! –  Aitor Chicharro May 13 '13 at 22:06

As gillyspy already commented, what you need is a subquery that returns the correct values. Check this code:

SELECT id, table1.value, data, v
  FROM Table1
          FROM Table1 
         GROUP BY value
       ) T ON T.MAXV = Table1.v
           AND T.value = Table1.value;
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