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I want to move my Azure VMs to a new azure network.

I've created a new Network as I need it to be. If I delete the VMs can I just make new ones from their vhd's and specify the new network as I create them?

I looked at creating an image from a test vhd but Azure wants me to tick to say I've sysprep'd the machine, which I havent (and dont want to).

I really just want to have exactly the same machine but in a different network..

Thanks very much for any help!

p.s someone's marked this as an unhelpful post, do let me know why. I've looked all over for and answer to this.

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what do you mean by different azure network? Is it a different azure account? – ARS May 13 '13 at 22:00
A different Azure Virtual Network. I made a new one in Azure and want to move the VMs to that – user2379371 May 13 '13 at 22:12


The scenario you describe is absolutely possible. Just shutdown the VM first. Then delete it. Then create a VM using the orphaned VHD and point it to the new VNet. That shall work!

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