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My code

I have a problem with searching in javascript.

I need to look up both throughout the document and only the CSS class.

<span class="ID">153</span>
<span class="keywords">pararell processing, evolutionary algorithm, linear algebra algorithm, FPGA</span>
<span class="author">Oleg Maslennikow, </span>

I want to search g in Oleg but not in processing.

If i search i want to show hide elements, and after hide it..

In this case, I would like to be able to look after the class = 'author'.

I would also like to be able to look at the elements that have style display = 'none' by showing that element and then keep it.

Can anybody help me?

I dont want to use jQuery!

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Thanks, now I want to go read that article (or, possibly, chapter)...Also browser-sniffing? Really? And what's var st = lis[i].firstElementChild.nextElementSibling.nextElementSibling.nextElementSiblin‌​g.nextElementSibling.nextElementSibling; this? Why not lis[i].children[5]? – David Thomas May 13 '13 at 22:43
Why do you need to explicitly select only display; none? If you show all of them, there's no harm in showing ones already shown. – Matt Ball May 13 '13 at 22:46
if ( navigator.appName /* is tested */ ) { alert( "use feature detection!!!"); } – Bergi May 13 '13 at 22:46
You should post your code here, not some other site. Keep it to a minimal example that demonstrates your issue. – RobG May 13 '13 at 22:50
@RobG In the Javascript tag, posting your code as a JSFiddle actually seems to help you get a quicker answer, because people can just jump right into debugging. And, when no link is provided, often enough there will be a comment to the tune of "Please make a fiddle with your code"... But it would of course be better to post the code here as well. – Simon M May 13 '13 at 23:01

If you are using Chrome browser it should support document.querySelector()

This is how you achieve what you need :

document.querySelector(''); // to return span class="author"

It is supported in the below browsers:

enter image description here

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You could do something like this. No worries about the while-loop it's just a short and revers version of a for loop.

var element_to_find;
var list = document.getElementsByClassName("author");

var len = list.length;
while (len--) {
    if (list[len].style.display == "none") {
        var element_to_find = list[len];
        alert("do what you want");

Second: You cold create a class for "display:none" So it woud be easier to find.


.hidden{ display:none }
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