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I have 2 hashes of hashes that I need to combine on values using Ruby

hoh = Hash.new
hoh = {"bob::params::search_vol_grp"=>{2=>{"search_group_id"=>2, "vol_ids"=>"2,627,628", "num_shards"=>32, "num_replicas"=>1}, 3=>{"search_group_id"=>3, "vol_ids"=>"3,629,630", "num_shards"=>32, "num_replicas"=>1}, 4=>{"search_group_id"=>4, "vol_ids"=>"4,631,632", "num_shards"=>32, "num_replicas"=>1}}
hob = Hash.new
hob = {"bob::params::search_q_broker"=>{2=>{"master_host"=>"hq01p1", "master_port"=>"61616", "slave_host"=>"hq01p2", "slave_port"=>"61616"}, 3=>{"master_host"=>"hq01p1", "master_port"=>"61616", "slave_host"=>"hq01p2", "slave_port"=>"61616"}, 4=>{"master_host"=>"hq01p1", "master_port"=>"61616", "slave_host"=>"hsq01p2", "slave_port"=>"61616"}}

What I'd like to end up with is the following -

hon = Hash.new
hon = {"bob::params::search"=>{2=>{"master_host"=>"hq01p1", "master_port"=>"61616", "slave_host"=>"hq01p2", "slave_port"=>"61616", "search_group_id"=>2, "vol_ids"=>"2,627,628", "num_shards"=>32, "num_replicas"=>1}, 3=>{"master_host"=>"hq01p1", "master_port"=>"61616", "slave_host"=>"hq01p2", "slave_port"=>"61616", "search_group_id"=>3, "vol_ids"=>"3,629,630", "num_shards"=>32, "num_replicas"=>1}, 4=>{"master_host"=>"hq01p1", "master_port"=>"61616", "slave_host"=>"hq01p2", "slave_port"=>"61616", "search_group_id"=>4, "vol_ids"=>"4,631,632", "num_shards"=>32, "num_replicas"=>1}}

I've tried various attempts at using merge and merge! but none of yielded the end result I'm looking for.

Any tips?

EDIT Using the suggestion from Larry, I was able to achieve what I wanted with the following

hon = Hash.new
hon['bob::params::search'] = Hash.new
hoh.each do |key,value|
  value.each do |k, v|
    hon['bob::params::search'][k] = hoh['bob::params::search_vol_grp'][k].merge! (hob['bob::params::search_q_broker'][k])

I also updated the 2nd hash to use a fixnum rather then a string as indicated by Darshan.

Thanks for all the pointers guys!

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Does the answer in this question help at all? –  summea May 13 '13 at 22:46
If you're using Rails, try out deep_merge: apidock.com/rails/Hash/deep_merge –  user24359 May 13 '13 at 22:53
Those are not valid Ruby expressions (even besides the invalid assignment). –  sawa May 13 '13 at 23:20

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Something like this...


You need to merge the inner hashes.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Working through this now. –  Matthew Schmitt May 14 '13 at 5:31

Giving your Hashes valid variable names, closing the Hashes, and making the second Hash use a Fixnum rather than a String for the top-level key, this appears to do what you want:

h1 = {2=>{"search_group_id"=>2, "vol_ids"=>"2,627,628", "num_shards"=>32,
h2 = {2=>{"master_host"=>"hsrchq01p1", "master_port"=>"61616",
           "slave_host"=>"hsrchq01p2", "slave_port"=>"61616"}}

h1.merge(h2){|key, first, second| first.merge(second)}
# => {2=>{"search_group_id"=>2, "vol_ids"=>"2,627,628", "num_shards"=>32,
#         "num_replicas"=>1, "master_host"=>"hsrchq01p1", "master_port"=>"61616",
#         "slave_host"=>"hsrchq01p2", "slave_port"=>"61616"}}
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Having the key as 2 in the first one and "2" in the second is a nuisance to say the least. You'd have to account for that here somehow. –  tadman May 14 '13 at 0:05
@tadman Given the other issues that made the code as presented invalid, I presumed that to be another error, not a true representation of the data to be dealt with. Of course you're right, and that may be something the OP has to deal with. –  Darshan-Josiah Barber May 14 '13 at 0:57
Just adding it as a caveat as people with a background in other languages like PHP and Perl might not realize that these are two different things in Ruby as there's no auto-conversion applied. –  tadman May 14 '13 at 1:30
@DarshanComputing Thanks for the tip re: the fixnum issue. –  Matthew Schmitt May 15 '13 at 1:34

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