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From within a batch script file, the following code successfully deletes folders that begin with a name preceding *, denoting a wildcard. How do I write a FOR loop which iterates over the files/folders which don't match? eg; ![*abc]

REM Remove unwanted files/directories

FOR /D /r %%G IN ("local\partialFileName*") DO (

            RMDIR /Q /S %%G                 

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let's say, it depends on the current situation and the regex capabilities. –  Endoro May 14 '13 at 1:41

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Create a temp dir, move matching files there, delete all that remain, and then move them back. Since a move on the same drive doesn't require a copy, it will be fast.

md ..\foo
move *abc ..\foo
rd . /s /q 
move ..\foo\* .
rd ..\foo

The first rd command will generate an error message, but that can be ignored.

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