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i'm newbie in Cake and wodering how to insert multiple rows in a single saveall function, i got this table,

`date` varchar(10) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL

what i'm trying to do is let user select start date and end date using JQuery calander, once submit all the dates between this range will be saved into database, i already got the array of dates eg:

      (int) 0 => '5/8/2013',
(int) 1 => '6/8/2013',
(int) 2 => '7/8/2013',
(int) 3 => '8/8/2013',

` then my controller looks like this:

public function index(){

if ($this->request->is('post')) {

            $data = array();

            $startDate = $this->request->data['Date']['from'];
            $endDate = $this->request->data['Date']['to'];

            $datesBlocked = $this->loopDates($this->request->data['Date']['from'],$this->request->data['Date']['to']);

            $data['dates'][] = $this->request->data['Blockdate']['from'];
            $data['dates'][] = $this->request->data['Blockdate']['to'];

            /*foreach($datesBlocked  as $data) {             
            $data['dates'][] = $data;               

            if($this->Date->saveAll($data)) {


                 if ($this->Session->read('UserAuth.User.user_group_id') == 1) {
                   // $this->redirect("/manages");
public function loopDates($from,$to){
         $blockdates = array();     
    $start = strtotime($from); 
    $end = strtotime($to);  
    $counter = 0;       
 for($t=$start;$t<=$end;$t+=86400) {
            $d = getdate($t);
            $blockdates[$counter++] =  $d['mday'].'/'.$d['mon'].'/'.$d['year'];
return $blockdates; 


issue was i can't get foreach work, if i uncomment the foreach, i got error said Illegal string offset 'dates' , so i commented that and try to only add the start date and end date to the array to see if that works, then i got another error said.

'dates' => array(
    (int) 0 => '08/05/2013',
    (int) 1 => '09/05/2013'

) ` Notice (8): Array to string conversion [CORE\Cake\Model\Datasource\DboSource.php, line 1005]Code

cuz i'm trying to insert 2 values into one field...i know it should be sth like

  'dates' => array( (int) 0 => '08/05/2013',        
  'dates' => array((int) 1 => '09/05/2013'

`but can't figure out how to do it. Any help would be much appreciate!!!!

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The structure you'll want your array to save multiple dates using saveAll() is this:

    'Date' => array(
        0 => array(
            'date' => '08/05/2013',
        1 => array(
            'date' => '09/05/2013',
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hi dave, thx for reply, i got what you mean, can you tell me how to do that please, more specifically kinda struggling with these nested array stuff –  Crystallol May 14 '13 at 0:34
@Crystallol - that's probably worthy of another question that just relates to PHP and arrays. –  Dave May 14 '13 at 2:09

I know that this is a little late, but to write multiple rows in a loop, you have to proceed the save with a create().


foreach($items as $lineItem){




Just thought it was worth mentioning, hopefully it will help someone.

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there is a closing brace ) missing in your save(array() ); –  Meer Oct 13 '14 at 14:08

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