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I want to hide a couple of problematic warnings in vim-latex, but I can't seem to work out the syntax.

I currently have:

let g:tex_IgnoredWarnings = 
    \'specifier changed to'."\n".
    \'You have requested'."\n".
    \'Missing number, treated as zero.'."\n".
    \'There were undefined references'."\n".
    \'Citation %.%# undefined'."\n".
    \'Double space found.'."\n"
let g:Tex_IgnoreLevel = 8

To me, that looks correct per the documentation, but the "Double Space Found" warning still appears (to clarify, by 'still appears' I mean that it's highlighted on the left of the screen with S>).

Any ideas?

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I notice most of those warnings don't end will periods. Does it work if you change \'Double space found.'."\n" to \'Double space found'."\n"? – Matthew Strawbridge May 20 '13 at 9:44
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The property you're setting should start with an uppercase letter (g:Tex_IgnoredWarnings as opposed to g:tex_IgnoredWarnings. The way you have it now, vim-latex is using the default value for g:Tex_IgnoredWarnings and not your desired overrides.

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