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I'm working with a legacy code base, and see this:

public static function blah($formData = array()) {
  $x = null;
  $y = null;

  if ($formData['x'] || $formData['y']) {
    $x = $formData['x'];

    if ($formData['y'])
      $y = $formData['y'];

    return $x - $y;

  //does some other stuff with x/y and then returns the result 

Obviously, this code is unbearably bad, but I'm not entirely sure what the intended effect should be. The reason I found this problem is because I ran the code in an environment where Strict Checking is on, and the if clause caused the function to die because neither x nor y is defined in at least some instances of this function being called.

Without strict checking on, is an if block skipped should one of the variables in the clause not be defined?

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No that would only be skipped if both conditions aren't met. You're just getting a notice that $formData doesn't have a specific key, but if one of the conditions were satisfied, the if would still execute. – nickb May 14 '13 at 0:30
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According to, undefined is treated as FALSE for purposes of if tests (though they obviously recommend against using this).

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case defined `$formData['x']` only -- function return `$formData['x']`
case defined `$formData['y']` only -- function return `-$formData['y']`
case defined `$formData['x']` and `$formData['y']` -- function return `$formData['x']-$formData['y']`
case all undefined -- your function will continue

P.S. undefined variable casts as NULL, NULL in arithmetic operators casts as 0.

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